Remarkably small, green inside and out, and full of superpowers. Are you thinking of a kiwi? That might well be your first guess, but it is not the fruit we mean. So, what is this superfruit in miniature format? It is the little sister of the well-known kiwi fruit: the kiwi berry!

Bite-size berries

Without peeling, cutting, or spooning, the kiwi berry can be eaten whole, directly from the box. Unlike the classic kiwi fruit, the kiwi berry does not have a hairy skin. Instead, its skin is soft, green, and edible. As small as a common table grape (around two to three centimeters), kiwi berries have a surprisingly intense and sweet flavor.

The super healthy relative

The little relative of the well-known kiwi fruit is indeed a vitamin bomb. Kiwi berries contain lots of vitamin A and C which offer a boost to the human immune system. They also contain a lot of dietary fiber, which makes them perfect for a healthy snack. Kiwi berries are often used for desserts, smoothies, or tasty fruit nibbles.

The globetrotter  

The Actinidia arguta – as the kiwi berry is scientifically known – originated in South-East Asia. There, this member of the family Actinidiaceae grows on long vines which climb up and twine around other trees. Today, the fruit is grown in many countries around the world – from New Zealand to France, from Chile to the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and many more. The kiwi berry grows well in slightly acidic, drained, and loose soils.

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