Protec, the Committee for Crop Protection of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, is the latest organization to sign up to GLOBALG.A.P. associate membership. With over 30 years of active work to promote the responsible management of crop protection products, Protec has made significant contributions to the improvement of Peruvian agriculture. 

Born of the cotton boom

During the cotton boom in the 1960s, Peruvian producers were sowing approximately 250,000 hectares each year. The need to protect these crops from pests spawned a large market for agrochemical research and development companies. Eventually, this led to the creation of the agricultural committees under the Lima Chamber of Commerce – among them Protec. 

Committed to Peruvian agriculture

Alongside its consulting services on the regulation of crop protection products, in recent years Protec has also collaborated with numerous partners to develop events that raise awareness of local agronomic issues. These events include the forum “Peru on the Road to Sustainable Agriculture”, and workshops and discussions on Fusarium R-4, a lethal fungus that threatens banana crops. 

“Agro-exports and family farming are two main drivers of the economy in Peru. That’s why Protec remains committed to providing tools to strengthen them,through training and talks. And, true to our mission, Protec continues to work on technology transfer and prioritizing good agricultural practices. Our GLOBALG.A.P. membership is proof of this and represents a big step in our commitment to sustainable agriculture,” says Rubén Carrasco de Lama, President of Protec. 

Protec website

GLOBALG.A.P. membership

Associate members play an integral part in the GLOBALG.A.P. network. With their widespread expertise they make valuable contributions to national technical working groups and other stakeholder consultation processes. 

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