Our new member Lexagri, known for its proprietary Homologa® Global Crop Protection Database, is a French company that provides worldwide reference information on agricultural inputs to customers throughout the food supply chain. Lexagri’s international team of data scientists and agricultural experts collects and standardizes regulatory and product information on inputs in more than 100 countries to ensure constant monitoring in order to guarantee optimal quality for all actors in the supply chains. Throughout its 30 year history, the company has helped reduce the environmental and health impact caused by non-compliance with regulations and agricultural good practices by making global agricultural information comparable and accessible.

Global harmonized database

Set nationally with complex and unharmonized rules, the regulations on crop protection products and maximum residue levels (MRLs) change daily. As agriculture and food are global businesses with global stakeholders, the ability to keep real-time track of the applicable rules in any given scenario is key. That is why Lexagri aims to provide a global, harmonized database, so producers and distributors can give consumers the transparency and traceability they demand.

For instance, a manufacturer of plant protection products might turn to Lexagri’s Homologa® reference database to ensure their products are compatible with agricultural requirements and regulatory stipulations, while a grower can access the same database via the Phytoscan® mobile app to receive detailed information about a specific product – such as formulation, method of application, or safety data sheets – simply by scanning the barcode on the packaging. Homologa® offers API connectivity for embedding in agricultural retailers’ eCommerce platforms, in farm management systems, or in laboratory information systems to generate value where it is needed. Additionally, on-demand customizable alerts deliver any information on regulatory changes affecting specific markets or products directly to your inbox. Homologa® Panorama features topical, interactive dashboards showcasing the most relevant information for informed decision making.

The Homologa® Global Crop Protection Database includes detailed international information (both in local languages and in English) on 200k+ crop protection brands, GAP info, registration types, MRLS, and much more for over 100 countries, making it an indispensable source of embeddable crop protection information.

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Stephan Poppe , Business Development Manager