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Kaufland is the latest GLOBALG.A.P. member to adopt Infarm’s urban farming concept for fresh herbs. From mid-August, Kaufland customers will be able to purchase herbs grown directly in store in one of the small-scale vertical herb farms from the Berlin-based start-up. This follows the partnership between ALDI SÜD and Infarm which began in May.

The future is fresh

Infarm is a GLOBALG.A.P. certified urban farming concept which is shaking up traditional production and retail of fresh herbs. Using 95% less water and requiring 90% less transportation and 99% less space, the cloud-controlled farming method is proving to be a revolution within the market for local produce.

Kaufland stores adopt Infarm herbs

A Neckarsulm branch will be the first Kaufland store to be equipped with the modern herb-growing equipment. The first products on offer will be flat-leaf parsley, Greek basil, mint, and coriander – all grown in store. Further Kaufland stores will follow and integrate a vertical herb farm or stock Infarm herbs which have been grown in other urban farming locations.

GLOBALG.A.P. members welcome innovation in farming

Kaufland is not alone in exploring the possibilities of urban-farmed produce. ALDI SÜD, a long-term GLOBALG.A.P. member is now on course for 300 stores to be supplied with herbs grown by Infarm. Such partnerships are viewed positively by GLOBALG.A.P. as part of the journey towards safe and sustainable agriculture worldwide. (German website)

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Photo credit: Infarm