Why become a Registered Trainer?

As a Registered Trainer you are expertly qualified to train farmers (or other interested parties) on the implementation of GLOBALG.A.P. standards. GLOBALG.A.P. standards are used by over 210,000 producers worldwide and are a key requirement for suppliers to leading food retailers.

Registered Trainers are approved to provide trainings using GLOBALG.A.P. training materials and are promoted by GLOBALG.A.P.

Join the program to stand out from the crowd and affirm your affiliation to the GLOBALG.A.P. brand.

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Benefits for Registered Trainers

Extra visibility …

… for your brand. Your name and company are listed on the GLOBALG.A.P. website and included in publications (under information regarding Registered Trainers). Future clients can find and contact you easily using the “Find a Registered Trainer” function on our website. 

Public affiliation …

… with the GLOBALG.A.P. brand, including free use of a GLOBALG.A.P. seal for Registered Trainers.  

This seal is updated yearly and can be used in your communication channels and on marketing materials. Use of the Registered Trainer seal confirms your status as an approved training provider and adds value to your business with a trusted global brand name. 

Training promotion …

… in the GLOBALG.A.P. Registered Trainer course catalogue. Your training will be visible to all visitors on the GLOBALG.A.P. Academy website, providing an additional platform for potential clients to find your trainings.

Life-long learning …

… with free webinars on new or updated topics, offered exclusively to Registered Trainers. Keep your knowledge up to date!

Free training materials …

… for your trainings. With these materials you will be ideally prepared to lead training sessions. English and Spanish IFA training materials are guaranteed. Selected further languages* can be issued for certain topics upon request*. Where GLOBALG.A.P. training materials are used for Registered Trainer trainings, we also provide a certificate template that may be used for course participants.
* IFA training resources are also available upon request in French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, and Russian. For IFA materials in any other languages or materials for other courses, please register your interest with the Registered Trainer team and we will look into your request.

Priority status …

… for your questions and queries. You will receive a direct contact (email address and phone number) so you can access top customer care from GLOBALG.A.P. You will also receive GLOBALG.A.P. technical news at the earliest opportunity.


Find an Integrated Farm Assurance course
The starting point to become a Registered Trainer for agricultural experts (excluding certification bodies).

Find an Inhouse-Trainer Training
The starting point for certification bodies auditors.

Find a Producer Training offered by a Registered Trainer
See trainings held by Registered Trainers in the Registered Trainer course catalogue.

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Contact us

Got questions? Send an email to registered_trainer@globalgap.org.

Registered Trainer application process

Step 1: Attend an Integrated Farm Assurance course or an In-House Trainer (IHT) training (if you are working for a certification body) provided by   GLOBALG.A.P.  

Find an Integrated Farm Assurance course in the  GLOBALG.A.P. Academy course catalogue and the IHT training  here. Book and attend the course.  

Step 2: Pass the exam with an outstanding score

Following your Integrated Farm Assurance course / In-House Trainer training (for plants and aquaculture), you must sit a proctored exam. To pass the exam with an outstanding score sufficient for becoming a Registered Trainer, you must answer at least 80% of the questions in each part correctly (there are two parts). You have three attempts to sit the exam after your Integrated Farm Assurance course / In-House Trainer training. The first attempt is free of charge, any further attempts cost €100. If you fail the exam a third time, you must attend a new Integrated Farm Assurance course before trying again.  

Step 3: Complete the registration form 

Click here to complete the registration form. Once you have submitted your registration form, all that’s left to do is wait for a response. We’re working on it as quickly as we can!

Registered Trainer annual fee

You can get all these benefits for an annual fee of €490.

GLOBALG.A.P. Community Members receive the benefit of one free application for the Registered Trainer Program as part of their Community Membership. Each further trainer requires an annual fee of €150.