Here’s why the Primary Farm Assurance standard is the perfect solution!

Benefits for producer

The Primary Farm Assurance (PFA) standard, under the localg.a.p. brand, helps producers, especially smallholder producers or producers new to standards, to:

  • Adopt good agricultural practices
  • Cut exposure to food safety risks
  • Comply with legislation regarding food safety
  • Gain access to local and regional markets
  • Provide more confidence to retailers/buyers, because
    • Traceability is easier than ever using the localg.a.p. Number (LGN). Retailers can build their supply base around PFA registered growers only
    • PFA provides opportunities to eliminate the middleman
    • PFA offers a structure for quality management 
  • Access all documents online, free of charge

It is also a cost-effective standard because:

  • It does not require certification
  • It can be applied to groups via the Option 2 model
  • Producers need only progress to the level that the buyer requests
  • Via the stepwise approach, producers can gradually approach certification requirements and learn how the GLOBALG.A.P. certification system works

Benefits for Retailers/Buyers

Retailers and buyers, meanwhile, can make use of the PFA standard under the localg.a.p. brand to:

  • Source local and regional products that meet the minimum requirements for food safety and hygiene
  • Develop a network of reliable producers
  • Benefit from GLOBALG.A.P.’s traceability system
  • Monitor participating producers’ progress in the GLOBALG.A.P. database with the LGN
  • Access to assessment reports of participating producers in the GLOBALG.A.P. database
  • Work with producers on a stepwise improvement plan for food safety and sustainability to improve the quality of their food supply
  • Profit from GLOBALG.A.P. training for your quality management team

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