TOUR 2016

GLOBALG.A.P. embarks on TOUR stops to visit different locations around the world and examine GLOBALG.A.P. standards on the ground. The events provide a valuable, region-specific platform to learn more about the benefits of certification, share expertise, expand trade networks, and get up-to-date with the latest industry trends and challenges.

Organized with the support of local partners, our TOUR stops in 2016 encompassed more than 500 delegates across eight countries.

  • Brazil, São Paulo
  • Colombia, Armenia (Quindío)
  • Chile, Santiago
  • Ecuador, Guayaquil
  • Ethiopia, Bahir Dar & Mekelle
  • Guatemala, Guatemala City
  • Hungary, Budapest
  • Mexico, Guadalajara

TOUR 2016 highlights

  • In a presentation titled “Perspective of the World’s Agricultural Trade” in Guadalajara, Jorge Hernandez, Chief Food Safety Officer at Wholesome International, pointed out that the challenge is not to only to achieve certification, but to maintain it. When he joined Wholesome International, they had an almost 30 percent product recall rate. By 2011, it had decreased to less than 1% due to certification. Hernandez commented:

    “Certifications make companies proactive and productive. All change generates resistance. But if it’s based on having a quality product, it is something that must be achieved.”

  • In Guatemala, a localg.a.p. cooperation agreement was signed between Agrequima and DIFOPROCO (Directorate of Productive Organization and Business Promotion) of the Ministry of Agriculture. This cooperation agreement will provide added government backing and support for Good Agricultural Practices training and capacity building. On the benefits of the localg.a.p. program, Otto Sierra, Director of Productive Organization and Business Promotion, Vice Ministry of Economic and Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture, said:

    “DIFOPROCO recognizes the work carried out as an important opportunity for small-scale producers in Guatemala. Achieving GLOBALG.A.P. certification is a major challenge, and localg.a.p. is the first important step in establishing the groundwork for producers toward full GLOBALG.A.P. certification. Considering that consumer demands regarding food safety, food quality, and safe and sustainable farming have grown all over the world, this standard has become a central pillar in achieving consumer satisfaction.”

  • The stop in São Paulo, Brazil, marked the launch of the national technical working group (NTWG) for fruit and vegetables in South Brazil. The launch of the NTWG is an important part of GLOBALG.A.P. strategy to enhance collaboration with the Brazilian retail sector. Participants at the event included representatives of the country’s main supermarket chains Walmart, Carrefour, and Pão de Açúcar, as well as the retail association of São Paulo, APAS, and important agribusiness sector partners, such as PariPassu, SENAR, SEBRAE, and the Ministry of Agriculture. All those present agreed to participate in the group, which had its first meeting immediately after the event. During the meeting, the members of NTWG F&V South Brazil formulated an agenda to push forward the harmonization of Brazilian protocols with GLOBALG.A.P.