Lively discussion were held

GLOBALG.A.P. CEO Kristian Moeller invited agribusiness CEOs to a virtual roundtable discussion on “Food Chain Transparency: A Question of Governance?” The discussion took place within the framework of the 30 th World Conference of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) on Thursday, 24 September 2020.

The discussion centered on consumers’ demands for more transparency and the tendency of major brands to conceal their competitive food chain data. The roundtable on how to establish more food chain transparency was made up of various CEOs of leading agribusiness firms from Asia and Europe.

GLOBALG.A.P. CEO and IFAMA Board Member Kristian Moeller had a clear objective: “I discussed with executives in the food and agribusiness sector how they imagine utilizing new technologies to find new ways of collaborating, all with the purpose of driving change. We raised questions such as what a governance structure for establishing a global Honest Broker Platform should look like.”

Technologies for global traceability solutions have been successfully piloted. Yet these technologies often exist independently of each other and lack common rules for data privacy. A growing number of IT solution providers are competing to be the single go-to platform to achieve the necessary critical mass to capitalize on network effects. So far, they have not been successful.

Therefore, during the virtual roundtable, the participants discussed opportunities and experiences of initiatives that have successfully agreed on industry standards for technical interfaces, privacy rules, and compliance enforcement procedures.

To set the scene, GLOBALG.A.P. prepared a recording with the Managing Partner of one of Germany’s leading management consulting firms for the food sector: Anselm Elles, Managing Partner at AFC Consulting Group. He introduced the landscape of existing IT platforms and solutions that aim to provide end-to-end transparency.

The virtual roundtable discussion was part of the IFAMA 2020 Academic Symposium online event and will expand on the forum discussion “The Digital Effect on the Post-Corona Food System” held live in August 2020.


IFAMA is a membership organization that brings together the world’s leading scholars and students, industry and NGO professionals, and policy makers to improve the strategic focus, transparency, sustainability, and responsiveness of the food and agribusiness system.