GLOBALG.A.P. launches its free informative webinar series titled “All you need to know about …”  

From January onward, GLOBALG.A.P. is providing free webinars which offer concise introductions to GLOBALG.A.P. topics. The aim is to provide a clear picture of GLOBALG.A.P. products and services and how they can help you. No prior knowledge is needed to take part.  

The “All you need to know about …” webinars cover a variety of specialized topics including:  

  • GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture certification 

  • localg.a.p.– the gateway to GLOBALG.A.P. certification 

  • GLOBALG.A.P. Remote– a solution for virtual inspections and audits when travel is restricted 

  • The Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability – GLOBALG.A.P.’s solution for digital recordkeeping in the floriculture industry 

  • And many more! 

Have you got a burning question about GRASP assessments? Are you wondering how GLOBALG.A.P. Remote fits into certification body activities, or how the TR4 Biosecurity add-on can help save the banana? 

Sign up for a webinar to hear the answers put to you plainly and simply! 

  • For a full list of topics and webinar languages, view our webinar calendar here
  • The webinars are live and will take place at the scheduled times.  
  • Places are limited, so sign up now to secure your spot. 

Added bonus: GLOBALG.A.P. supports your learning! 

If a webinar makes you want to dive further into a topic and sign up for an official training course, participants of GLOBALG.A.P.  “All you need to know about …” webinars will receive a special 15% discount code for a GLOBALG.A.P. Academy training course of their choice.  

FAQs about the webinar series and webinar sign-ups can be found  here.