Interview with QIMA/WQS

Why is GLOBALG.A.P. important to you? 

The whole food supply chain depends on collaboration, and GLOBALG.A.P. is an essential piece of that puzzle. GLOBALG.A.P. and certification bodies like QIMA/WQS depend on each other to make food supply chain assurance a reality. This kind of symbiotic relationship also extends to the producers and handlers of agricultural products, whom we serve, and who rely on our services for market access. The interdependence then ripples outwards to the major distributors and retailers, who feel confident in the products they offer consumers, knowing that GLOBALG.A.P. has created rigorous standards and that QIMA/WQS verifies their implementation.

What is your GLOBALG.A.P. story?

Since 1993 QIMA/WQS (formerly WQS), has been certifying for GLOBALG.A.P. We started in Brazil, and now our operations cover most of the Americas making us a leader in third-party certification of agricultural products. Our team comprises of a group of highly-skilled, dedicated, resilient, caring, and passionate people who offer top-notch customer service and seamless delivery of audits and certifications. We enjoy building on the trust and relationships that contribute to our clients’ success.  

What is the one more important thing we should consider to change or improve for our new Version 6?

In Version 6 and beyond, the key is simplicity. All participants in the third-party certification landscape (GFSI, certification program owners, certification bodies, even farms and food handlers) should keep Occam’s razor in mind: the simplest solution is often the best. As a philosophy, GLOBALG.A.P. should think of audit standards and regulations as a sculpting process rather than a building process. In other words, a process of subtraction rather than simply addition.