1. Producers will be charged a service fee for this option by their Certification Body/Trustee. 

Fees are as follows:

a) Single Producer - Option 1: 10 EUR
b) Producer Group - Option 2: 25 EUR per producer group and 1 EUR per producer group member

This fee applies only once, irrespective of the number of other programs registered.

2. Due to technical constraints, registrations of other programs are only valid for 1 year and must be renewed annually.  

3. The producer is solely responsible for informing the Certification Body/Trustee in the case of any changes.

Please note that GLOBALG.A.P. is not responsible for the correctness of the information, and accepts no liability whatsoever for incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date information.


Other Programs | Fees/ Conditions

Other Programs | Fee Table (PDF, will soon be included in general GLOBALG.A.P. Fee Table)

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Database Wiki for Certification Bodies/Trustees

List of Market Participants (companies that will have access to the information)