GRASP V1.3-1-i Information for Assessors

On 2 June 2020, GLOBALG.A.P. issued a new version of GRASP, GRASP v1.3-1-i, which became mandatory on 1 February 2021.

The new version contains several changes and some rule clarifications. Below you can find a summary of all relevant modifications so that you can prepare accordingly.

The following list serves as a guidance for assessment preparation:

You will find all technical details in the GRASP Technical News here.

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Information as a guidance for your clients

Please inform your clients about the changes relevant to them so that they can prepare accordingly and avoid unnecessary delays of GRASP assessments.

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Which rule has changed?

What has changed?

Where to find change in the Technical News 3/2020 Edition GRASP


Clearer definition of the subcontractor concept

2.1 Subcontractors (addition to General Rules, chapters 3.4)

Product handling unit (PHU) sampling

Explanation of sampling in the case of multiple PHUs

4.3 Employees in product handling units – sampling rule (clarification of General Rules, chapter 5.2.4)

Option 1 multisite without QMS

Type of checklist for PHUs

3.3 Product handling unit (modification of General Rules, chapter 5.2.2.c)

Checklist use

Type of checklist for Option 1 assessments without QMS 

3.4 Option 1 multi-site operations without QMS (addition to General Rules, chapter 3.1)

Assessor qualifications

Addition of minimum requirements and content of in-house GRASP trainings and possibility to provide evidence of formal courses on GRASP topics

6.2 IHT qualifications (addition to General Rules, chapter 6.2.1)

Report upload and sanctions

Addition of sanctions to the assessment upload schedule

7.1 Sanctions GRASP report upload (addition to General Rules, chapter 7.6)

Countries without a GRASP national interpretation guideline (no-NIG countries) and sanctions

Addition of sanctions to the rule that authorization shall be requested to assess GRASP in countries without a national interpretation guideline

7.2 GRASP assessment in a no-NIG country without prior approval (addition to General Rules, chapter 7.6)

Limit for assessments in no-NIG countries

20 assessment per certification body in no-NIG countries

5.1 GRASP assessments in countries without a GRASP national interpretation guideline (no-NIG countries) (addition to General Rules, chapter 4.4.3)

Approval for no-NIG countries

Explanation of new option to submit application online

5.2 Applications for assessments in no-NIG countries

Master data

Explanation of requirements for company description

9. Master data

Assessor qualification

New qualification requirement to assess Options 1 and 2 with QMS. 

6.1 Formal qualifications (modification of General Rules, chapter 6.1)

Assessor qualification in no-NIG countries

New qualification requirement for GRASP assessors to perform GRASP in a country without NIG

6.3 Assessors’ qualifications for countries without a NIG (addition to General Rules, chapter 6.2.2 a b)

Qualification of external social auditors

New qualification requirement for authorized external social auditor to participate in GRASP

6.4 External social auditor (addition to General Rules, chapter 6.2.2 b)

Corrective actions

Rules for checklist upload in the case of corrective actions

7. Corrective actions (addition to General Rules, chapter 7.3)