Name Miina Mälgand Hansen Company Salling Group
Job Title Responsible Procurement Consultant Country Denmark
Team Retailer

Advisory Board Term:​ 2017 - 2021​


Responsible Procurement Consultant

Membership Category

Retailer/ Food Service

Miina's Statement

It comes as no surprise to anyone working with supply chain sustainability that there is increasing standard and audit fatigue due to the multitude of standards present on the market. Global G.A.P is one of the few multi-faceted standards that is applicable across multiple sectors globally with a strong integrity and quality program. As a retailer organization with a large global supply chain impact, we see high value in implementing the standard in our value chains. We consider it as our natural responsibility to our supplier base to help harmonize the standard further and contribute to ensuring that relevant criteria and commodities are included so that the standard keeps growing while reducing standard fatigue and benefitting producers, retailers and other relevant stakeholders alike. At the same time we see a strong need for including more capacity building activities to support continuous improvement of producers and producer organizations. We find that it is paramount to provide producers with the best possibilities to improve and grow while not getting stuck in static audit cycles that merely meet customer needs.

Professional & Educational Background

I have a MSc. in environmental engineering and have been working with supply chain sustainability since 2012. I have experience from working with sustainability in the food industry in both a global producer organization where I worked for almost 5 years as well as now for the past almost 2 years from the retail sector. In my previous role I worked with companywide social compliance procedures and with evaluating and developing sustainability strategies for the company’s key agricultural raw materials. In my current role I am responsible for sustainable procurement of Salling Group’s food and near-food supply chains. This entails managing the whole food/near-food supplier base of all of our formats in terms of code of conduct- and social compliance as well as sustainability risk evaluation- and policy development. I am therefore acutely aware of the kind of challenges that exist on both the production and retailer sides and the gaps that need to be filled. I am a systems thinker and my key focus is always on obtaining alignment between the various supply chain links and stakeholders, and on creating meaningful sustainability solutions that are realistic across whole value chains.

Other affiliations relevant to candidacy

I actively participate in Amfori's Project Group "Social Issues in the Food Industry" supporting and helping facilitate a better alignment and inclusion of food producers in the BSCI framework and audit formats.
I also participate in the various food related networking groups of the Danish Ethical Trade Initiative (DIEH - Dansk Initativ for Etisk Handel) where I network with other Danish retailers around working conditions and human rights issues in various product supply chains.