Company Agrequima
Country Guatemala

Boulevard Los Próceres 24-69
Zona 10,
Empresarial Zona Pradera, Torre IV,
Nivel 10 Oficina 1004
01010 Guatemala City

Phone  (502) 2295-9780 / 81
Scope Crops, QMS, localg.a.p., GRASP, FSMA, Fruits and Vegetables

Program Owner and Approved verification body for the localg.a.p. standard:

Approved Registered Trainers:

  • Hector Estuardo Carrillo Galicia
    Scopes: Crops, QMS, GRASP, FSMA  
    Language: Spanish
  • Marwin Garzona
    Scope: Crops, GRASP, QMS  
    Language: Spanish
  • Carlos Neftali Palacios Xutuc
    Scope: Crops
    Language: Spanish
  • Josué Teo Molina
    Scope: Crops
    Languages: Spanish, English
  • Edwin Guzmán
    Scope: Crops
    Languages: Spanish, English

Additional Services: 

  • Educational and enviromental programs for a sustainable agriculture
  • Capacitación en Uso y Manejo Seguro de Productos para la Protección y Nutrición de Cultivos

 For further information on the additional services, please contact the Registered Trainer or visit the website.