GLOBALG.A.P.’s Impact-Driven Approach approved for FSI Environmental Basket

The GLOBALG.A.P. Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability module (or IDA for short) has been confirmed as meeting the benchmarking criteria for the FSI Environmental Basket. This is an important next step of recognition for the GLOBALG.A.P. module, which was launched in 2020.

The IDA module

The IDA module is a digital record-keeping system which allows floriculture producers to collect, record, and interpret their environmental data. This involves the use of a farm management system to gather data on the energy and resources – such as fertilizer or water usage – that go into the production of flowers and plants. The data is transferred to GLOBALG.A.P. for confidential processing and, in return, the producer receives personalized insights into how they compare with similar, anonymous producers.

The aim is to drive continuous improvement within the industry for a more sustainable future. By using data insights and comparisons, producers are able to see where they might be able to make improvements to their production methods and reduce resource consumption. With the letter of conformance issued after a successful IDA assessment, producers are able to demonstrate their commitment to responsible farming in practical terms.

The IDA system can be used as a so-called add-on (meaning in combination with further GLOBALG.A.P. certification) or independently as a standalone module.

FSI Basket of Standards

The FSI, or Floriculture Sustainability Initiative, is a market-driven initiative that brings together members of the international floriculture sector to encourage progress in sustainability measures. This progress rests on the three pillars of responsible production and trade, responsible conduct, and integrated reporting.

The FSI Basket of Standards is an international reference point for identifying, measuring, and promoting responsible sourcing of flowers and plants. There are 16 voluntary sustainable standards and schemes in the FSI Basket of Standards, sorted according to three categories: GAP (good agricultural practices), Social, and Environmental.

GLOBALG.A.P. and the FSI

GLOBALG.A.P.’s flagship Integrated Farm Assurance standard has been recognized in the FSI’s GAP category since its inception in 2013. Now, with the confirmation that GLOBALG.A.P.’s IDA module meets the benchmarking criteria for the Environmental category, GLOBALG.A.P. solutions are represented in two of the three categories of the FSI Basket of Standards. This means that floriculture producers whose processes are certified by GLOBALG.A.P. can easily demonstrate their GAP and environmental efforts.

Hooray for sustainable flowers and plants!


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